Silky Smooth Creamed Honey

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Silky Smooth like velvet on the palate, our new Creamed honey is like nothing you've ever experienced. Textured to a spreadable density, smoother than any creamed honey you've eaten -  certified great. 

Creamed honey is a delectable past time for those of us who grew up with parents who knew a thing or two about the greater things in life. 

Now, the Bee One Third Silky Smooth Creamed Honey is here, and it's next level! 

Every batch to date has sold out. Now, finally we have a supply volume we can share to our online community! 

Made from both the Mallee Eucalypt Honey and Spotted Gum Honey (TA50+), we are so pleased to present our newest range ! 

Available only in 350g Jars. 

Our seasonal honey is harvested at the end of each climatic season to ensure we capture the specific flavour and textural profile of the former season's flowerings. From batch to batch and location to location, our honey will change in flavour, texture, profile and natural sugar content.