Orange Blossom NSW Neighbourhood Honey

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The infamous Northern Rivers NSW Orange Blossom is back in season for a limited time thanks to a successful pollination harvest during winter. 

Orange blossom is a highly sought after honey, with its recognizable sweetness and delicate citrus nectar over-tones. It is known as one of the purest citrus honey's available in our range due to its monofloral nature, meaning that the nectar gathered by the bees is purely from the orange citrus flower. 

Orange Blossom honey carries its citrus taste due to the nectar produced by the orange citrus flower during pollination and nectar production, carrying with it an exquisite fragrance that captivates the palate.

It is complemented by its delightfully light-coloured form and thick low moisture texture, and is paired perfectly with a creamy cheese (brie, camembert or blue) or simply on crackers or fruit.