Stainless Honeycomb Stand w/ drip tray
Stainless Honeycomb Stand w/ drip tray
Stainless Honeycomb Stand w/ drip tray
Stainless Honeycomb Stand w/ drip tray
Stainless Honeycomb Stand w/ drip tray

Stainless Honeycomb Stand w/ drip tray

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Behold your eyes, our beautiful 316 stainless honeycomb stand is available for you to display our A-grade Honeycomb frames in your kitchen, for your next event, or as a part of your restaurant / buffet service. 

The stand has been designed to sit timelessly, holding the honeycomb firmly in place while you cut straight through, as an accompaniment to your cheese board, charcuterie platter, granola bowl or as a garnish on your cocktail. Worry not of any mess or dripping honey, as the stand has been designed to catch any drips in the secure sloped drip tray. 

The stand fits a standard 90mm Honey Jar (350g Bee One Third Honey) to collect any ruptured honey. 

Hand made by local Brisbane (Red Hill to be specific) black smith & artist 'Hammer and Tongs', Glen Urquart is a hand sculptor of fine and rustic metals. He has crafted a small run of custom designed, stainless steel honeycomb stands to display a full depth honeycomb frame. 

Please contact us if you would like any further information in relation to the Stainless honeycomb display stand, as these are often made to order!

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There are many ways for you to incorporate honeycomb in your day to day diet or within your hospitality venture.

  • Paired perfectly with cheese and crackers, used as an accompaniment as you would quince paste.
  • With charcuterie or on a breakfast board or on house baked granola, when entertaining guests or creating a seasonal menu special.
  • Smothered over crumpets or warm sourdough toast, above a generous layer of salted butter (we recommend Pepe Saya Butter for the full flavour experience).
  • Cubed over granola, warm oatmeal or porridge, comb honey will melt into the dish, providing a textural and sweet addition to your seasonal breakfast choice.
Our seasonal honey is harvested at the end of each climatic season to ensure we capture the specific flavour and textural profile of the former season's flowerings. From batch to batch and location to location, our honey will change in flavour, texture, profile and natural sugar content.
All of our honeycomb slabs are cut by hand and weighed according to their container and label weight. Premium comb can often vary in colour when varying dark nectar sources are in flower. It must be understood that beeswax and honey are natural products, and the environment around where our bees are positioned has a seasonal impact on each one of our comb producing regions.