Raw Honeycomb A-Grade Frame Full Depth
Raw Honeycomb A-Grade Frame Full Depth
Raw Honeycomb A-Grade Frame Full Depth
Raw Honeycomb A-Grade Frame Full Depth

Raw Honeycomb A-Grade Frame Full Depth

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Our A-grade comb honey is selected for its purity, colour, flavour & most importantly, its virgin wax grade (1st cycle through the hive), ensuring the softest, most delectable mouth-feel for when you pair this premium product with any range of delicious accompaniments.

Honeycomb is textural, mildly sweet, and completely edible!

Export-level, premium virgin honeycomb.

From our retail slabs to our full-frame combs, our honeycomb is a statement piece on any cheese board of seasonal menu. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, it's the perfect feature for your next private event, or simply slathered over crumpets at home.

Measurement and weight details: - 2.5-3 kgs, 45cm length, 25cm height, 3-4cm width.

*Stainless Steel honeycomb display stand not included*, however, available for purchase via this link.

*Due to biosecurity laws, we are unable to send honeycomb to Western Australia. 

There are many ways for you to incorporate honeycomb in your day to day diet or within your hospitality venture.

  • Paired perfectly with cheese and crackers, used as an accompaniment as you would quince paste.
  • With charcuterie or on a breakfast board or on house baked granola, when entertaining guests or creating a seasonal menu special.
  • Smothered over crumpets or warm sourdough toast, above a generous layer of salted butter (we recommend Pepe Saya Butter for the full flavour experience).
  • Cubed over granola, warm oatmeal or porridge, comb honey will melt into the dish, providing a textural and sweet addition to your seasonal breakfast choice.
The beeswax found in the honeycomb is 100% edible and digestible. Beeswax is made from the natural secretions of bees, formed originally by collecting nectar from flowers. When bees ingest nectar (or honey), wax is formed into "scales" by eight wax-producing glands in the abdominal region of the female worker bees. Beeswax is most commonly known as a hardened oil, but in fresh honey comb, the layers of wax are only very thin. So, don't fret ... it's healthy and delicious!
All of our honeycomb slabs are cut by hand and weighed according to their container and label weight. Premium comb can often vary in colour when varying dark nectar sources are in flower. It must be understood that beeswax and honey are natural products, and the environment around where our bees are positioned has a seasonal impact on each one of our comb producing regions.