Hot Jalapeño Honey

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Indulge in a sweet and spicy culinary adventure with our Jalapeno infused honey. This unique honey infusion combines the natural sweetness of our premium honey with the bold kick of jalapeño peppers. Fruity, sweet, HOT! 

Experience the perfect balance of sweetness and heat. Drizzle it over pizzas, pair with cheese, glaze grilled meats, or simply add a spicy twist to your favourite dishes.

A crowd favourite when we appear at markets and pop-ups! This Jalapeño Honey is like NOTHING you have ever tasted. 

Currently available ONLY in 350g Glass Jars



Our seasonal honey is harvested at the end of each climatic season to ensure we capture the specific flavour and textural profile of the former season's flowerings. From batch to batch and location to location, our honey will change in flavour, texture, profile and natural sugar content.